Soundbite from Ed’s Show…

December 4, 2011

So, one of my British roommates here, Ed Brown, was in a band called Polaris when I first made it over to the yookay. I made some recordings of their show that I attended during my first few weeks here. Unfortunately, I was waaaaay to close to the speakers, and the sound came out all garbled. I managed to salvage a single clip that is somewhat audible, so for the sake of it here it is. Especially since Polaris have since broken up, I can at least relate to wanting to get your sound out there. So who knows, maybe this’ll be their last recording for the sake of posterity. I’ll be releasing some R.O.D. legacy material on Youtube myself pretty soon. Ed’s a pretty good bass player himself, hopefully some guitar player out there’ll figure that out. And hey, if you need a singer too, the joo is always available for the part.

Sorry for the quality of the recording, but otherwise it was a pretty good show. Had some elements of Avenged Sevenfold to their sound as I recall, it was a while ago now.

Link to Ed’s Show Clip (.wma)

Link to Ed’s Show Clip (.mp3)